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Fidoniczka | Phipot | Seedling pot | Magic box - 10 PCS

Fidoniczka | Phipot | Seedling pot | Magic box - 10 PCS
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Poland, Łódzkie , Łódź
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2 months ago


A small foldable paper planter for seedlings and plants. A product for the gardening, botany and terrarium market.

What is this?

Phipot aka Fidoniczka, or a golden ratio box, is a hand-folded box that can be used in various ways. The strength of this item lies in its shape. It's handy, compact, small - in short - probably versatile. It can be used, for example, as a seedling pot on a massive scale in horticulture and agriculture. It can be used in the botanical and terrarium industry as an ecological container for plants. Probably this packaging could also serve other purposes in other variants. The available pilot version was made of cardboard with a basis weight of approximately 280 gms. Therefore, it is a relatively strong cardboard box for the needs of seedlings of small plants in gardening, and in terrariums as an ecological pot it can last longer.

The minimum order in the offer is 10 pieces 80 eurocents. That's 8 cents each.

If you order 100 pieces and more, the unit price is 6 eurocents.

P.S. Please note that this is an open project. You can start the production of this very box yourself - known as PHIPOT aka FIDONICZKA

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